Game Center

In game center, choosing PC and mobile game, server, market research, contents localization, marketing and customers' assistance.
We support everything till the game being serviced.


Supporting business

  • Server

    Server support

    We aid servers for operating the game, including our technology tied up with.
    Manage&support variety of high-end technologies, running an IDC center under our own power.

  • Global

    Global aiding

    We support your business to succeed by directing indigenized games
    through our branches of Taiwan, China, and Europe(Coming soon)

  • Platform

    Diverse platforms of SDK

    Provides UE SDKs for games, including user supervising, push alarm, Kakao log-in,
    payment, events, user support, and the leaderboard.

  • Analytics

    Analytics and Statistics

    Realtime-analysed statistics of user data will be offered
    in order to maximize the profit.

  • Development

    Game development service

    Everything needed for managing games, such as client customizing,
    multi-distributed servers, bulk database technology is provided.

  • Financing

    Financial aid

    We give you the loan of our capital, for your development.

  • Customer

    Customer support

    In case of global game, local experts support in local language.

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The suggestion for entering

If you are only confident in game, other things are not important. Please suggest without burdens.
After suggesting, staff in charge of publishing will guide you by telephone.

Separate forms are not necessary.
In case of mobile game, enter the test file download URL
and in case of PC game, enter identifiable test URL.

Main game developer

  • Feiyu
  • UQEE
  • Jurenwangluo
  • 7ROAD
  • Numix
  • XD
  • Playworks
  • Huanle
  • 123U
  • A.P.D.
  • AnyPlay